#35 Marvel Retrospective / Alex Gemetti

Stephen sits down with Alex Gemetti to discuss the last 10 years of the Marvel cinematic universe! Infinity War is coming out and everything is about to change so the lads do a retrospective on the movies that shaped the last 10 years of their lives. They assemble with Trevor Powers later in the episode to talk Record Store Day 2018 and what they picked up. We skip the questions this week and dive straight in to the MCU retrospective!

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#31 Neal Lockwood

Stephen and Trevor sit down with their old pal Neal Lockwood to discuss Comedy, Dick Bong, siblings, and much more! NEW XANDER.WAV MIX / NEW HOUSE / STEPHEN AND TREVOR UPDATE US ON LIFE / NEAL TELLS US ABOUT THE OC COMEDY SCENE / CHOCOLATE TUESDAYS / ADVICE / SUBMIT QUESTIONS AT toobrokefortherapy.com/submit

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#30 Luis Armona

Stephen and Trevor welcome the young Dr. Luis Armona on the podcast to discuss his influences, how they would handle dating an instagram famous person, and how to deal with depression in a friend group. NEW XANDER.WAV MIX / THE BOYS MOVED IN TO A MANSION / PODCAST UPDATE / HAMILTON FREESTYLE / YOU DON'T KNOW SKA!?! / SUBMIT QUESTIONS AT TOOBROKEFORTHERAPY.COM/SUBMIT / 

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#29 Hostful

Stephen and Trevor sit down to catch up on life, moving, the one year anniversary show, and most importantly answer some listener questions. After a short break the guys fill you in on themselves and the current world around them. VALENTINES DAY / CRAZY FLAT MATES / NEW XANDER.WAV MIX / FIRST KISSES? / SHOOT YOUR SHOT / STEPHEN TOUCHED A GUYS BUTT / VLOG / TOO BROKE FOR THERAPY'S NEXT PARTY... ALWAYS SUBMIT QUESTIONS TO TOOBROKEFORTHERAPY.COM/SUBMIT

#28 Alex Gemetti

Stephen and Trevor sit down with Alex Gemetti to talk about what it is like to grow up scene on a mountain, living with an ex, our pet peeves, and wether or not to unfollow an ex. ON SOME REAL SHIT / TIGHT 5 / SOME GOOD QUESTIONS / NEW XANDER.WAV MIX / TREVOR GIVES AN UPDATE / STEPHEN TALKS ABOUT HOW HE GETS AWAY WITH NOT REMEMBERING PEOPLES NAMES / Submit questions PLEASE toobrokefortherapy.com/submit #tbft

#27 Todd Foland (The Toddyssey)

Stephen and Trevor welcome Todd Foland to tell us his life story and to help the guys dish out some life advice. They talk about how to feel comfortable blurring the line between going on a date/hanging out, and how to feel comfortable in the workplace. Todd tells us about his life and what the last twenty years in San Francisco has been like. This is one of the guys favorite episodes. ON SOME REAL SHIT / TIGHT FIVE / NEW XANDER.WAV MIX / THE GUYS ARE EMPTY / SUBMIT QUESTIONS AT toobrokefortherapy.com/submit

#26 The Brothers Armona

Stephen and Trevor sit down with the brothers Armona. Luis and Michael have know the guys forever and they discuss how we all met, dating someone stuck in the past, and would we have sex with a puppet? RECORDED LIVE IN HUNTINGTON BEACH CALIFORNIA THE PURGATORY OF SOCAL. NEW MIX FROM XANDER.WAV / TIGHT FIVE / WE TALK ABOUT "THE" SOCIAL SCIENCE / NEW AUDIO QUALITY / THE TBFT CREW MAT MOVE TO OAKLAND?!? Submit questions at toobrokefortherapy.com/submit

#rip2016 (Xander.wav)

The last Too Broke For Therapy of the year. We're all so over 2016 that we wanted to end it by looking at the positives and negatives of the year. It's a family episode as we welcome Sam (Xander.wav, Tacoboi) sits down with the boys and talk some real shit.. WE ANSWER QUESTIONS! WE TALK THE FUTURE OF THE PODCAST IN 2017 / New XANDER.WAV MIX / ON SOME REAL SHIT / ASK QUESTIONS AT TOOBROKEFORTHERAPY.COM/SUBMIT


#23 Cliff Parks

Cliff Parks joins Stephen and Trevor at Sad Bois Studios to discuss long distance relationships, how Stephen got to San Francisco, and Cliff and Trevor officially become friends. SUPER RARE appearance from Cliff in the bay area so this episode was slapped together last minute. NEW XANDER.WAV MIX / SUBMIT Q's TOOBROKEFORTHERAPY.COM / STEPHEN AND TREVOR TELL OAKLAND STORIES / STEPHEN GIVES AN UPDATE ON HIS LIFE, AND WHY THE PODCAST HAS BEEN IN A DROUGHT / S&T PROMISE BETTER CONTENT / ALL OF XANDER.WAV's PODCAST MIXES UP ON HIS SOUNDCLOUD


#22 Live from Smack City

Recorded LIVE from Smack City enjoy an inside look at what its like to get drunk with Stephen and Trevor off wine. The boys talk that time of the month, play some new games, and discuss passions. THINGS GET STRANGE / COMEDY BANG BANG.. BANG BANG / STEPHEN GETS REAL / KANYE SHOW / A WILD CLIFF PARKS APPEARS / NEW XANDER.WAV MIX! Submit questions at toobrokefortherapy.com/submit

#21 Sam (Xander.wav) Hart

This week Stephen and Trevor welcome Sam Hart (Xander.wav) to the couch to discuss their week, sad boys studios, seeking closure, and what in media makes you act the wildest. NEW MIX / WHAT DOES IT MEAN IF YOUR SIGNIFICANT DOESN'T POST ABOUT YOU / BPM's / MOM SHOUT OUTS AND MORE! Make sure to follow Xander.wav on soundcloud for more mixes, and always submit more questions to Toobrokefortherapy.com/submit

#20 Laone Oagile

Stephen and Trevor sit down with Laone Oagile to discuss how to be honest with yourself, walks of shame, how to be Instagram famous, and much more! ON SOME REAL SHIT! TIGHT 5! STEPHEN HAS A NEW NICKNAME, THE ALT RIGHT / NEW XANDER.WAV MIX FOLLOW THE BOY ON SOUNDCLOUD / SO MUCH MORE! RATE / SUBSCRIBE / AND SUBMIT QUESTIONS AT toobrokefortherapy.com/submit 

#19 Danielle Derisse

Stephen and Trevor sit down with Danielle Derisse to discuss waffles vs pancakes, our "laylists" and give our advice on how to approach someone. NEW XANDER.WAV MIX / ON SOME REAL SHIT / STEPHEN IS A TOOL? / TPOW GETS REAL / TIGHT 5 / FIRE RECOMMENDATIONS / OUR IDEAL LIFE / AND MUCH MORE! PLEASE ALWAST SUMBIT QUESTIONS AT TOOBROKEFORTHERAPY.COM and follow us on twitter @TBFTpodcast

#18 Hostful

Stephen and Trevor are back with a hostful episode of TBFT! They discuss modern human interaction, what makes them feel loved (attention) and much more! New Xander.Wav extended mix! ON SOME REAL SHIT / NEW NICKNAMES / DOG FILTER? / HOUSE MUSIC / JOHN LENNON LENSES / WHAT IS OUR TALENT? / OUR GUEST BAILED AND IS BANNED TREVOR CLAIMS 

XANDER.WAV Mix - 51:30 / follow him on Soundcloud! 

#17 Denzel Usman

Stephen and Trevor welcome Denzel Usman to discuss open relationships, if guys and girls can really be friends, and telling someone you love them too soon. NEW XANDER.WAV MIX / DENZEL TALKS ABOUT GROWING UP IN PALMDALE, BEING YOUNG AND IN LOVE, INTRODUCING HIS PARENTS TO HIS BOYFRIEND. ON SOME REAL SHIT IS BACK! AND WE GIVE SOME NEWS!