#12 Laone Oagile

Stephen and Ben welcome Laone Oagile to the couch to discuss international people and the possible problems Americans have with them, dabbing, childhood's influence on our current lives and much more! THE DO'S AND DON'TS OF DATING / ON SOME REAL SHIT / WINE TALK / NEW XANDER.WAV MIX / FINAL GOAL UPDATE / MUCH MORE! Follow the podcast on twitter @TBFTpodcast and always submit questions at TOOBROKEFORTHERAPY.COM

#11 Ethan Rosenberg

Stephen and Ben welcome Ethan Rosenberg to the couch to talk moving away from love, that moment a relationship changes for the worst, alcohol control. ON SOME REAL SHIT / Meeting famous people / life in Louisiana / WINE. NEW MIX FROM XANDER.WAV and much much more! Check Ethan's band "Citizen 5" on youtube! Always submit questions to TOOBROKEFORTHERAPY.COM and follow the podcast on twitter @TBFTpodcast 


#10 Nick Siegle

Stephen and Ben welcome Nick Siegle to the couch to discuss catfishing, moving out of your hometown, and even being curved... Goal updates / Stephen's birthday / ON SOME REAL SHIT / new Xander.Wav mix / Politics / Frisbee / How to keep friendships 

Goodnight - Kanye West
Caramelo - Devonwho
Demskreets.Fekts - Knxledge
Spikeyshooz- MNDSGN
Hurby - Esta
Sad Interlude - SirOJ



#9 Courtney Gill

Stephen and Ben welcome Courtney Gill to the couch to discuss their biggest regrets in life, the best compliments they've ever received, and how to date someone if your friend has interest. Papa Steve's birthday bash / on some real shit / wine / new Xander.wav mix. YOU CAN ALWAYS SUMBIT QUESTIONS AT TOOBROKEFORTHERAPY.COM or follow the podcast @tbftpodcast 

Milky- No Tv No Radio x Stelouse

Bela- Sango

Braeden Bialey- Fingerwork

System Roller - Mr Carmack

Uber Every where- Travis Scott x MadeinTYO

Lean on RMX- Mr Carmack

Hercules- Young Thug

Sally Meets Mr Wrong- PYRMDPLAZA

#8 Austin Farley

Stephen and Ben welcome back Austin to the couch to meet Ben, talk about porn in relationships, stimulants in the bedroom. and much more. We talk about reaching our 1000 subscriber goal and thank the listeners. What Game of Thrones characters we are, wine, spirit animals, favorite places in the world, our biggest fears, and MUCH MORE. New Mix from Xander.wav! You can always submit questions at toobrokefortherapy.com


Yesterday's Chop Suey- Stro Elliot
1983- Flying Lotus
Out My Mind- Erykah Badu
Scrubs- Rascal
Be Your Girl- Teedra Mosses (Blissfall Redo)
Im Sorry- Lil Yachty

#7 Hostful Hand Holding

Stephen and Ben sit on the couch together to discuss PDA, sleeping with a girl who has a boyfriend, and hand holding. The guys also talk passion vs money and much more. A classic mix from Xander.Wav / On some real shit / Steph's MVP / MERCURY! You can always submit questions at Toobrokefortherapy.com   

#6 Sean Mckenzie

Stephen and Ben welcome Sean Mckenzie to the couch to talk baby making music, kissing on the first date, and how to deal with seeing an ex in public. On some real shit, new Xander.wav mix, and Sean talks about tackling the John Muir trail. You can check out old episodes and submit questions at toobrokefortherapy.com 

#5 Chelsea Chatin / Xander.Wav

Stephen and Ben welcome Chelsea Chatin and producer Sam "Taco Boi" Hart to the couch. (It's their couch.) This week we discuss rough sex, finding balance, Drake and much more. New mix from Xander.wav \ On Some Real Shit \ Goal Updates You can always submit questions and find old episodes at toobrokefortherapy.com

Glassss(Redo) Ft. PRYMDPLAZA- Gravez
Kali Uchis-Ridin Round (OSHI REMIX)
A Distant Vision- J-Louis
Japaneasy- More//Night
Wakapella - WYLN

#4 Hostful / Kyle Impelman

Stephen and Ben sit down alone this week to discuss Coachella, age difference in dating, how to love your friends, and much more. Kyle Impelman calls in for the on some real shit. New mix from producer Sam / Xander.Wav You can always submit questions and find old episodes on toobrokefortherapy.com  

TRACK LIST        

  • Sndwvs - Collide
  • The Ninetys x Fortune-9mm
  • Tek.lun x Gravez-Ecco
  • Young Thug-For My People
  • Lil Yachty-Never Switch Up
  • Jarreau Vandal- Be Alright
  • Jengi Beats- Tower Bridge
  • Esta-Onlyone
  • A$AP Ferg- Shabba

#3 Austin Farley / Chelsea Chatin

Ben is out having Coachella fun! Stephen and Producer Sam sit down with Austin Farley and Chelsea Chatin and discuss asking boys out, open relationships, and much more. With a super fire Mix from Xander.Wav to wrap it up. You can always submit questions at Toobrokefortherapy.com and follow the podcast at @TBFTpodcast 

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 Temple-Sam Gellaitry
Bestfriend-Young Thug (white katana remix)
House bump for joe Kay- PYRMDPLAZA
Curtains-Deffie x No TV No Radio
That's Not Me-Skepta (VANDALIZED Edit)
Fun my baby mama-Bobby Raps
Coco- Jarreau Vandal
Gellaitry Grooce-Swindali
Na Madruga-Bad Sista
Wile E Coyote-JR Jarris

Too Broke For Therapy #2 Manny Blackwell

Stephen Baker and Benjamin Simons welcome Manny Blackwell to the couch to discuss San Francisco and what it's like to be raised in San Francisco, and answer listener-submitted questions. This episode features Stephen and Ben setting goals for themselves in a new segment and the start of a new weekly mix from xander.wav. Follow Manny Blackwell @_blackwell on Instagram and Twitter. Go to toobrokefortherapy.com to submit questions and find the latest episodes.